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TUNE RECHTSTRÄGER bottle cage with right side opening

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Číslo produktu: SK0505
EAN kód: 4062266045481
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do košíku:
  • Product information "RECHTSTRÄGER bottle cage with right side opening"

    The Rechtsträger was made for frames with limited space. On your fully or any bike with a small frame triangle, the Rechtsträger enables sideways access to your bottle. As usual for a tune product, the bottle cage is light and functional.

    Technical data

    Material: UD Carbon
    Screws: Aluminium
    Weight: 21g
    Intended use: Fullies and small frame triangles
    Scope of delivery: Bottlecage incl. screws, without bottle
    Compatibility: Works with every 500ml and 750ml bicycle-bottle!
    Note: To get a bottle cage with left-side use on the seattube, please order a Rechtsträger!

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